About Wana Moon

Contract Address: 0xc21490565Eaf5637D36508683cEb1003F8dCfC65

Wana Moon is a token born to succeed. We have dedicated significant time to market research, product and contract design, tested tokenomics, and our complete rebranding to create a revolutionary token that is set to give lucky winners life-changing sums of money. The amount of excitement behind this token will be something never seen before in this space.

We encourage all investors to get to know us! We are a team of individuals that all came together in early 2021 and have had numerous investment successes together, but we aren’t immune to the scams in the crypto space. With this project, we have created a safe and secure platform to allow our community of investors to come together and build trust in this team. We have taken the lessons learned from our previous project and we feel that we now have a fail-proof recipe for success. Along the way, we have grown a strong core community of investors who have put their faith and trust in us due to our dedication to success and unparalleled transparency.

We are fully doxxed, KYC audited, and hold weekly video chats to keep our community up to date and to take feedback from them. We care about you all and always take the time to listen to those who believe in us. We have worked tirelessly for the success of this token. We believe that all good things take time, and we can guarantee that we have put in that time and effort.

What Makes us Different?

These are the key drivers that make us different: Safe, Social, Reliable, Transparent, and Fun. Wana Moon is dedicated to trust and safety.

Fully Audited and Tested

Fully Audited & Tested

The Contract is fully audited by SolidProof

KYC Verified

KYC Verified

The team is fully doxxed and has been KYC Verified

Locked Liquidity

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity is Locked along with all dev tokens

Weekly Crypto Moonshot Jackpots

Regular MoonShot Jackpots

Our Jackpot Draw is done live with our community!

Video AMA

Video AMA

We regularly keep our community updated with scheduled video AMA's

Multi Blockchain

Multi Blockchain

Although we are currently on BSC, we are bridging to multiple blockchains.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

You can always find friendly 24 x 7 support on our social channels.

Strong Loyal Community

Strong Loyal Community

Our community is strong and loyal. Always there to help others and available to chat!

Strong Aggressive Marketing

Aggressive marketing

We have a solid marketing budget and a very aggressive strategy to moonshot Wana Moon.

Summary of our Tokenomics

The 10% buy, 20% sell transaction fees will play a key role in the success and longevity of Wana Moon. These fees are used to create price stability, steady deflation, and rewards for token holders.


2% Jackpot

2% of each transaction is added to the weekly Jackpot. With enough volume, this is expected to explode!


3% Buyback and Autoliquify

2% of each transaction is added to our buyback capability, 1% is automatically added to strengthen liquidity.


4% Marketing

With 4% of all transaction fees going to Marketing and Operations, we can ensure we continue to bring new volume and investors.


1% Token Reflection

Long-term holders benefit through a shared 1% reflection base. Just hold and watch your balance increase.

Wana Moon is a truly rug-proof community-driven project with a unique transaction fee structure focused on providing holders with an opportunity to regularly win jackpots and through our unique BuyBack and LP AutoLiquify methods we are confident the price will rise rapidly as we grow!

Initial Supply

1,000,000,000 (1B)

Private Sale

110,000,000 (11%)

Presale / PancakeSwap

526,320,000 (69.1%)

Locked Dev & Team Expansion

50,000,000 (6.6%)

Seed & Product

25,000,000 (3.3%)



Launch Price

1m per BNB

Launch Date

19th November at 8PM UTC

Our Roadmap

We are super excited for what the future holds for Wana Moon. Explore our in-depth plan of attack! We are constantly updating and improving the experience. Keep up to date with our latest movements by following us on all our social channels.

Project Conception & Launch Phase - Q4 2021

During Q4 we are focusing on a cleaner contract that is not only stable but offers enhanced capability and strengthens our position with a strategic launch for success...

  • Community Consultation
  • Contract refactoring and updates
  • Auditing (SolidProof and potentially a few others)
  • Brand Relaunch
  • Private & Presale
  • Launch on PCS
  • dApp Release
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing
  • Post Launch Marketing Campaigns Kickoff
  • ETH Blockchain Implementation
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • International Community Provisioning
  • Exploration of additional Blockchain onboarding
  • WANAMOON App Preview
  • Brand Ambassador Introductions

Moon Landing - Q1 2022

We will looking at getting an official gambling license and setting up legal entities within Gibraltar. Our multi blockchain capability should now be available. We will expand on our operations and start planning the future platform. During this time we will continue driving mass marketing and doing several partnership outreach program initiatives.

  • Legal Entity setup in Gibraltar
  • Acquire Gambling / Gaming Licences
  • iOS / Android App Release (Beta)
  • Strategic Partnership Announcements
  • Gaming Platform Planning
  • Utility Partner Programs
  • Team Expansion
  • Expansion of Core Team
  • Exploration of Gaming Providers and partnerships
  • Sponsorship of Crypto and Gaming Events
  • Website V2 Launch

Stellar Slingshot - Q2 2022

Strategic Partnership and Joint Ventures will allow us to expand further into other opportunities especially within the gaming space. We will also be launching updates to our Mobile Apps and invite users to our beta platform.

  • Platform Beta Release Invite
  • Major Partnership Announcements
  • iOS / Android App updates
  • ommunity Meetups
  • Sponsored Blockchain Conferences

Our Core Team

We are a solid group with strong fundamentals, our passion is the success of Wana Moon and our mission is your financial freedom!

Garrett Maxwell

Garrett Maxwell


Sven Dijkstrra

Sven Dijkstrra


Clayton van Niekerk

Clayton van Niekerk


Wana Moon App

Wana Moon App

Our Web App allows you to view your account via a simple dashboard interface.

  • View your entries

    You can view your current entries and see if you are currently qualified for the next Weekly Jackpot Draw.

  • View previous winners

    View all previous winners along with the amounts that have been won with Wana Moon!

We are aware of some mobile issues affecting users being able to connect, we are working on these minor bugs and updates will be provided soon. Please use the desktop browser in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. You can also join us on social channels, where our friendly moderator teams can help and assist you!

Each time someone buys or sells Wana Moon, 2% is allocated to the overall prize fund. 5 random qualifying holders are selected to win 50% of the total. The remaining 50% is used to purchase more Wana Moon, and all remaining qualifying holders that purchased during the week and have not sold will proportionally be airdropped. Everyone wins with Wana Moon.
Yes, there is a minimum amount required to enter the Wana Moon Draws. At the time of launch 1 Jackpot entry equals 10,000 tokens. Please note, this is subject to change depending on volume and Wana Moon Token Price in the future.
Once the winner is selected, we will send the Jackpot directly to their wallet. If you are the lucky winner, you don't have to do anything. The funds will automatically appear in your wallet once we have sent it!
At the end of each draw, your total entry count remains with you, this means you qualify for ALL future draws as long as you continue holding. As long as you hold, you will befit from regular airdrops of WANAMOON and your chances increases each time a draw takes place! If you sell, your entry count is removed, and you will no longer qualify.
Tokenomics is a term used to describe the economics of a cryptocurrency token. We have considered the tokenomics involved with Wana Moon very carefully and have created a token that is offering best-in-class tokenomics. View more information about our Tokenomics section of the website.
2% of all tax is allocated to the Wana Moon Jackpot.
The largest portion of 4% is allocated to marketing, this is to ensure an aggressive marketing approach can be followed. Our Liquidity receives 3% and finally we give back 1% to all holders in a form of reflection.
The Wana Moon App is accessed via our website on any web browser of via the browser wtihin your wallet.
In reality yes it is safe to connect your wallet. By using our DApp in the manner we have created, we have removed all possibilities of malicious hackers accessing your wallet through our platform. You can also disconnect your wallet. Remember we have been fully audited so your safe within our Dapp.
Yes - our liquidity is locked. Above this, our team only have a small percentage of the token supply in developer wallets and these have been locked also.
No. Whilst we are confident that our tokenomics and contract are best in class (contract created by professional contractors and audited by SolidProof) it is important for us to allow changes to be made if required. This would ultimately be changes that the team and community need to change to improve the success of the project.
Yes. The team is fully doxxed and all details can be found by visiting the Team section on the website. Our Team is also KYC Verified
Prior to Wana Moon been born, we ran a token called Lambottery. The problem is when we launched we did not have the correct contract settings and this cost the project to fail. We have since learned from mistakes made and have refectored the entire contract for the good of the community. Our V1 holders are all from Lambottery who have decided to remain loyal to the project.

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